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”Metronix is a powerful Trading Bot which is specialized for trading cryptocurrency. It is integrated on the IMBA Exchange and able to interact with every other API.”

Just deposit any amount and open a Share.

We are paying weekly 0.49% rewards to you for keeping your funds at our Exchange.


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MyShare Service Agreement

IMBA launched My Shares for users to gain proceeds through idle cryptocurrency assets. All My Shares payments are made from special fund.


The use of blockchain technology and products based on it in the fight against cyber terrorism is carried out, as a rule, in a complex with other super technologies. So, the blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence is used to filter and identify important information, to search in huge data arrays… Latest blog >> Read…

Original or Copy: Is It Important for a Letter of Credit?

Sometimes the presentation of the original document is not possible for objective reasons, or the presentation of copies allows you to expedite the receipt of payment. In other cases, the bank should question the good faith of the parties or the validity of the transaction. Experts in the field of letter of credit settlement are…

System upgrade

We undergoing a major Server Maintenance at 22.04.2020 from 10:00 to 16:00 UTC. In this time also Metronix will be stopped partime.