Aircoins is the largest cryptocurrency, augmented reality (AR) app, available on both Android and IOS App stores.

Users can hunt for, and collect cryptocurrencies within an interactive, A.R environment based on geolocation similar to that of Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality (A.R), the technology that superimposes digital content into reality is growing rapidly creating numeric opportunities for both marketing, gaming and mass adoption for Bitcoin and Blockchain assets.

Augmented Reality (AR) and blockchain applications are leading the next technology revolution. The cryptocurrency market will reach $1 Trillion market cap. Aircoins aims to unlock the digital ecosystem with hidden treasures for you to unlock in the AR environment. Be able to pick up, drop and trade cryptos in AR.

Aircoins has made millions of coins available to be found in AR based on geolocation. We wanted to make Aircoins available to everyone and providing it free to download.

While the main use of the Aircoins app will be to treasure hunt for coins, the Aircoins app will also allow players to drop coins back into the AR environment. Some coins can also be imported from other Ethereum wallets.

Aircoins is the first of its kind to allow cryptocurrencies in Augmented Reality, the possibilities to interact with crypto in the augmented reality world are endless.