Bulls vs Bears


Hello IMBA Communtiy! 

Today we go live with our first betting Game. it is called Bulls vs. Bears 

End of the Airdrop


Hello community! Regarding to our registration rules we inform you that the account verification system works and detects many multiple accounts. If you can not log in, then the system recognized your account as one of them.  At first, we thought to giving these people a second chance to participate in airdrop via a verification.…

A f***ing Big Airdrop


Airdrop IMBA is a gaming token. You can use it to play against other Players in the arena. Later more and more features for IMBA will be established. IMBA is the bridge between gaming and trading. IMBA will be open for trading at the 01.June.2019 it BTC, ICR and NEBL Market GRAB YOUR 1,500 FREE…