Come Token on IMBA

IMBA will list COME (COME) in BTC and TRX Market at 2021/09/04 12:00 PM (UTC). Users can now start deposit in preparation for trading.

What is the COME Token

What’s behind this project-vision and what is the intention of the initiators?
We at the Community Earth Project have made it our priority to created a huge Community that hopefully grows to a global Community.

But behind the COME is also a community collaboration project which aims to connect people with innovative needs in the form of a dedicated platform.
This platform shall be used to publish your projects, to place your advertisements, for networking, to search for new contacts or just to get to know of each other and exchange experiences.
Basically, there are no limits to the way of communication and therefore we also like to address all communities, clubs, groups and companies.
If you’re looking for members – you initiate fundraisers – you would like to inform yourself about Crypto-Projects or would like to join a Community?

Community Earth is the connecting platform for this!


The COME is the financial means to be able to support and promote all these projects.
This Token will be used in the near future for the community on a variety of projects.

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How it works

The interest will be distributed over the term. The deposit will not refunded at the end of the term.

For example
50% bonus
Duration 60 weeks

Share 100 COME+ Bonus 50% (50 COME) = 150 COME
150 COME/ 60 weeks = 2.5 per week

Tell a Friend

Share your Affilitate Link at get up to 20% weekly commision in 3 Level from your Friends Sharbox Profit. 

Level 1 – 10% 
Level 2 –  7% 
Level 3 –  3%

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Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. IMBAexchange will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

Thanks for your support!



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