Company Share Distribution September

Dear IMBAs

IMBA launched IMBA Company Shares for

IMBA Token can be frozen to enable the company share feature.
Frozen tokens are “locked” and during this period the frozen IMBA cannot be traded. User can unfreeze the Token all the time.
Will you freeze 1.000.000 IMBA in a full period of 1 month you will receive 1% of the netto monthly trading fees.

(netto monthly trading fee = tradingfee – affiliate comsission)

IMBA company shares do not give the customer voting rights in the company.


1. A liability of the partner towards third parties and within the company is excluded.

2. The partner gives no guarantee for services rendered, ie is exempt from “liability claims and company losses of any kind as partners and employees”.

3. When you use Company Shares, you should fully recognize the risks of investment in cryptocurrency and operate cautiously.

4. You agree that all investment operations conducted on represent your true investment intentions and that unconditionally accept the potential risks and benefits of your investment decisions.

5. reserves the right to suspend or terminate IMBA Company Shares. If necessary, can suspend and terminate IMBA Company Shares at any time

6. Due to network delay, computer system failures and other force majeure, which may lead to delay, suspension or deviation of IMBA Company Shares execution, IMBA will use commercially reasonable effort to ensure but not promise that IMBA Company Shares execution system run stably and effectively. IMBA does not take any responsibility if the final execution doesn’t match your expectations due to the above factors.

I have read and agreed to the IMBA Company Shares Service Agreement and have agreed to use IMBA Company Shares. I am aware of these risks and confirm to use this service.

How it works

Company Shares are only available for 60 User. 
IMBA Token need to saved for a full monthly period. starts from 01.09.2020 – 00:00:00 to 31.09.2020- 24:00:00 
Between 5-15th of the next month the Share Commision will be distributed. 

Thanks for your support!