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Digital Finance: A Modern View of the middle East Region.

The financial world does not stand still, it changes with the development of innovative technologies, and the Middle Eastern countries are no exception. 

The inclusion of Middle Eastern economies in world globalization processes forces the financial community (both suppliers and consumers of products and services) to accept certain rules of the game — legal norms, banking rules, financial conditions — implementing them into their own rather specific legal environment.

Currently, according to some financial analysts, only 20–30% of financial institutions in the countries of the Persian Gulf and South-East Asia work according to Islamic principles and, accordingly, are Islamic financial institutions. Many Muslims in their financial practice use traditional banks, as they in most cases offer greater profitability and more efficient customer service for their products and services.

Fintech and blockchain technologies with a geometric progression capture the financial and economic space of many countries. The growth of cryptocurrency, including such as bitcoin, and the blockchain technology ………

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