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IMBA will list Freecoins24(FC24) in TRX Market at 2021/01/04 12:00 PM (UTC). Users can now start deposit in preparation for trading.

What is Freecoins 24 program?

Freecoins24 is one of notable crypto program on telegram offering to both veterans and newbies in crypto space, the possibility to learn, earn and manage crypto currencies from various Blockchain; Tron, Eth, etc. Beside, Freecoins24 endeavours to find the best and available crypto deals, which suit everyone regardless one’s experiences in crypto-world. All is free at a certain disclaimer level of no compensation on funds losses or any related issues. Find out more relevant information about freecoins24 on the official website.

What offers Freecoins 24 program ?

Freecoins24 offers various crypto program amongst unlimited ways of earning. It has a trustful badge and is working with new and old rising crypto project namely Auxilium, Trescon, CryptoAdventure etc. You can find hereafter, every possible ways of earning in Freecoins24 program.

  • Active and multicultural telegram Community

Freecoins24 Community is a peaceful and nice playground for both crypto newbies and veterans. This is a well-established learning space regardless social rank. It is filled up with different nationalities and cultures around the world. Currently, it counts 39.296 members among which 59% is from Asia, 25% from Africa, Europe and America respectively represents 8%. It is a daily growing community. For more, Community action and care are at work in all Freecoins24 team deeds. For, it represents a welcoming environment for Ask Me Anything’s events, Bounty, Contest, Airdrop and any crypto related program. Freecoins24 Community shares wild bonds with other telegram community. Continuously, it influences many newbies and brings most of them to crypto awareness.

“Im always happy if new people enter the crypto space, as the crypto

 space can be a bit complicated, so I love to help people not fall in the

 same mistakes like me”

         Marcel, Freecoins24 Co-founder (tg :@bearwurz )

  • Twitter task and telegram giveaways

Twitter task and telegram giveaways are Freecoins24’s hard working team tries for reaching the community with the best ways of earning free coins or tokens by following couple of steps. All is put in Freecoins24 unique wallet bot allowing its users an early access to their earnings once the steps are fulfilled. As all facts, Freecoins24 Twitter task and giveaways program are limited. Thus, only fast and active members can be rewarded. For more, it has a levelling system, which renders actives member’s top gainers. Find out more about freecoins24 twitter task and telegram giveaways in the [freecoins24walletbot]. You can check ongoing twitter task on the current Freecoins24walletbot reward channel.

  • ETH, BSC, TRON wallet & Tip features Wallet bot support

Freecoins24 wallet bot is an Artificial Intelligent bot embedded with ETH, BSC TRON wallet support system. It intends to help mutual transactions between friends.  Any community manager can integrate the wallet bot to their community for giving free tokens or coins to its members through the “Tip function”. Added to that, Fc24 erc-20 community token help to lower 50% of transaction fees on Tron Blockchain. It is possible to earn $Fc24 in twitter task or telegram giveaways in couple of steps. $Fc24 is currently tradable in the wallet bot at 1:1 ratio with $TRX. Further Dexs’ listing process is in Freecoins24’s agenda and much more use case are being on development.

  • ERC – 20 Wallet Tracker bot support

For an absolute integration to crypto space, Freecoins24 team has worked out an ERC–20 tokens bot scanner for newbies or veterans to have eyes on their portfolio once connected to telegram social network. It is inbuilt with a certain number of features. Briefly, users can set up and track unlimited ETH wallet incoming and ongoing transactions. ETH tracker bot users have access to Freecoins24 free crypto earning programs as well.   

  • Airdrop, Contest, Bounty, AMAs, Ads promotion etc.

Freecoins24 makes it possible for every members of the community or followers to have early access to legit and high rated crypto program like Airdrops, Contests, Bounty and others crypto’ s adoption events like AMAs. On lifetime basis, these programs can be accessed via Freecoins24 official website and social networks. Unlikely to other social network, Freecoins24 telegram community members have early access to every news and fresh crypto opportunity offered by Freecoins24.

Freecoins24 social networks and official Team

You can find here the complete list of Freecoins24 team and every related links for more assistance.

  • FC24 Core Team

  • Freecoins24 Community Administrators       

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. IMBAexchange will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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