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IMBA will list GreenPlanetCoin (GPC) in TRX & BTC Market at 2021/03/02 12:00 PM (UTC). Users can now start deposit in preparation for trading.

What is GreenPlanetCoin

It’s in the air – or rather there is something in the air.

It is the atoms and molecules of the air that make life on this planet possible. But as always, it depends on the quantity or the correct ratio of whether something good or bad is enough.

Nothing is as effective as the nature we live in. It took billions of years to achieve this effectiveness. The energy production of plants is unique, as well as the materials that they produce from the captured energy. Your building material – is in the air – it is carbon. They make connections that are put together by them in different forms, like the wood of a tree or a grain or a fruit.

That is, carbon of the air is converted into extremely compact forms of storage, such as wood or oil, while providing all the essential nutrients to humans and animals, using highly efficient utilization of cosmic energy.
Instead of trying to copy nature, we should support nature in doing what it can best and unsurpassably do: producing the sources of human life and restoring (balancing) the ecological balance.

We are aware of our responsibility – we act by helping to use existing resources more efficiently.

To use somebody’s waste is the best way to make money

That’s what all GreenPlanet developments are all about in common.

The sun sends us energy, which makes the plants grow. From the plant mankind uses but in most cases only the fruit or the seed. The plant itself remains unused and is therefore waste in this sense. But we at GreenPlanet transform the whole plant into valuable products. This will make a significant contribution to the achievement of global climate goals. With our projects, we are paving the way for the megatrend of a carbon – free society.

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