IMBA Exchange is a crypto trading plattform. Our goal is to get the best exchange for gaming and trading.

If you cant login, to IMBA Exchange, we deleted your account becaues you create more than one account.

!!We dont will open your Account again!!

But you are allowed to create a new one and you can join a secound Airdrop round later.
The Airdrop will only for Account with deposit and trading Volumen.

1. you withdraw with more accounts to one address
2. you deposit your Airdrop from one to an other account.


!!! We never delete Accounts with deposit. We only delete Account they try to cheate and get rewards from our Airdrop!!!!

IMBA price is determined by market so price may change frequently so login to check price.

Many people tried to cheat the system in this case we reduced their tokens. You may join upcoming airdrop.

Just go to exchange by clicking the link below.

Start trading IMBA

Yes, you can.

  1. IMBA Using a multilayer Wallet system. Only a minium of user funds are on our hot wallets. 
  2. we using also a 2 Layer admin confirmation. 

IMBA token can be withdrawn to Neblio wallet but remember that when you want to send back to exchange you will need nebl for withdrawal fee.


  1. No coding required: NTP1 tokens can be created with a few clicks (no recursive function stealing, like seen in the Ethereum DAO hack)

2. No manipulated smart contracts, with 100% decentralization. No one can generate more tokens when the locked option is chosen (like recently seen with the PRL exit-scam)

3. No overflow and underflow bugs because we use multiprecision integers (like Monero Gold exit scam, when they generated trillions and exit-scammed)

4. No duplicate token symbols, where NTP1 symbols are 100% unique. Prevents scams with fake tokens using the same token symbol.

Neblio is a rapidly growing blockchain technology, Neblio cryptocurrency has created a mature infrastructure that can help businesses to enhance and leverage their capabilities to grow in their respective industries. In spite of the significant growth, its applications are still facing some hurdles due to its high integration and maintenance costs. Neblio aims to fill this gap in the enterprise market by creating a next-generation blockchain network to ease the development and deployment of blockchain technology.