Listing a Coin on

IMBA is focusing to provide our community with the most exciting projects with a real product or/and a strong team.

Below you will find more information about the listing procedure.
Before applying for a new listing, make sure you meet all of the requirements.
Please contact someone of our Listing Team if you have any other questions.

Listing policy with basic requirements:

– A website dedicated to the asset.
– A block explorer for the asset.
– Solid product with a real use-case.
– Recent GitHub activity showing that it is a well-maintained asset. (If you use GitHub).
– At least 1 social group (for example, Telegram, Facebook, Slack or similar).
– BitcoinTalk or other large forum Announcement.
– The project is no longer in ICO phase (We will not list an asset while it is still in ICO).
– An account at

Teams can reapply whenever they feel like they have met the requirements for listing. But IMBA-Exchange makes no commitment regarding the timing of any subsequent reevaluation.

Please note: none of the admins or team members are going to ask you for money through other channels. Payment will be made through your account on IMBA-Exchange.


  • The listing price is the equivalent of $ 500 in BTC or ETH. Half can be paid in your Cryptocurrency.
  • You can make payment in BTC and ETH only from the balance of your account on the IMBA-Exchange. 
  • If your coin/token is ERC-20 and if you want to pay half with your coin/token, the payment must also be sent to the same ETH address.
  • Payments are only allowed from your Balance on IMBA-Exchange.
  • Make sure you are visiting to prevent any phishing attacks.
  • Never make any phone calls to anyone that claims to be an IMBA Support. Representative.
  • Never tell your password or 2FA codes/keys to anyone, including IMBA Support.
  • Never send funds to anyone claiming to be a member of IMBA Team member.
  • Listing of all coins will be carried out for trading pairs ETH or BTC, IMBA, and ICR. For example: Coin/ETH, Coin/IMBA, Coin/ICR.


Special application (after listing):

  • Add trading pair: 10000 IMBA
  • Coin or token swap: 15000 IMBA
  • Airdrop to all users: 15000 IMBA
  • Trading Competition: 15000 IMBA
  • Header Banner per Week: 500 IMBA
  • Right Sidebar Banner per Week 250 IMBA