All About IMBA ShareBox​

Dear customers, we are paying rewards to you for keeping your funds at our Exchange. To participate in this program, you just deposit any amount and open a Share. 

IMBA ShareBox is a Liquitdity Tool. The single most important feature of any trading exchange is liquidity. Without liquidity, operating a successful exchange becomes unviable. This is particularly true of cryptocurrency exchanges with volatile markets whose traders want to cash out (liquidate) their positions quickly.

The more traders you have, the more volume, the more volume, the more liquidity.

ShareBox is working like a Save Book. As long as you store your funds in an open order, we will provide you 0,07% per day.

An Exchange create income in different ways. Not everyone is a trader but we can use your deposit in a profitable way for you and us. With IMBA ShareBox we want to support our Community and reward you for your trust.

Trading profits

  1. Trading fees of the exchange
  2. Staking commission from all coins
  3. Listing fee
  4. Marketing fee
To get profit you need to share your MTX before every Friday 18:00 You will get your profit on next Friday 15:00.

There is no fixed bond. You can cancel your Share all the time.
IMBA reserves the right to cancel or amend any Shares or Sharebox Rules at our sole discretion.

Your funds are 100% save all the time. 

Metronix Sharebox

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