Software Update

Notice of Server Update - 2020/03/04

Dear IMBAs

We undergoing a major Server Maintenance at 22.04.2020 from 10:00 to 16:00 UTC. In this time also Metronix will be stopped partime.

In the new IMBA exchange many things are changed and thats why we decide to cancel all open orders in imba and start compled new.


The server updated i running in 3 phases.

10:00 UTC beginn of the maintaince.
We cancel all open orders and Migrate to the new Database

12:00 Metronix will stopped
!! All trades on Binance will stay. We wont cancel any of these!!

15:00 Start of Metronix
Testing the System and check if all userdata are migrated flawless

16:00 UTC IMBA open again.

Thanks for your support!