Cryptocurrency As An Economic And Legal Category

By IMBA Exchange

We believe that cryptocurrency is a type of digital “currency” created on the basis of cryptography and therefore having increased reliability and security, used as a “transparent” means of exchange and accumulation, decentralized, anonymous and virtually uncontrolled by states, different from ordinary money only by its non-recognition (so far) by states. The above terminology seems…

Use of Blockchain Technologies in the Field of Labor

By IMBA Exchange

The issues of using blockchain technologies, conducting ICOs and the use of cryptocurrencies are relevant not only for the field of law, but also for political, economic, other sciences, and are also of interest to ordinary citizens. The issue of using electronic money is of interest to employers in many countries. The development of regulations…

Blockchain and fair voting.

By IMBA Exchange

Intensive technological development has a strong impact on the modernization of democratic institutions. Various innovations in the field of digital communications have also affected the rather traditional sphere of popular voting. The widespread adoption of distributed registry technology has had a particular impact on the rethinking of their organization process. Distributed registries have gained the…

Smart Contracts in the International Legal Space

By IMBA Exchange

Inthis article, we will consider the approaches of some states to the formation of a system of legal regulation of new technologies — smart contracts and blockchain technology. We would like to note that not all countries of the world have legislatively fixed these terms, and also not all countries of the world have defined…

Legal Regulation and Control of Cryptocurrency Circulation in Japan

By IMBA Exchange

The legal regulation of social relations taking shape in the sphere of money circulation is strongly influenced not only by economic but also by historical, socio-cultural and other factors. In this regard, the experience of Japan is of particular interest — a country where the Western way of life, the desire to promote high technology…

Presentation: Metronix Crypto Trading Bot

By IMBA Exchange

The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market, noted in 2017, has led to the rapid development of cryptocurrency trading platforms. So, if a few dozen platforms were available to traders several years ago, today the monitoring service Coinmarketcap monitors the activity of 200+ crypto exchanges, while experts suggest that their number is approaching 500. New…



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