explanation video

Make an explanation video in your language.


Right now, more and more people ask what is IMBA and how does it work. With IMBA also many people get in touch with cryptocurrency at there first time but dont know how to handle.

What you need to explain in your Video.

  • What is IMBA-Exchange
  • How can i make an Account
  • How i can deposit
  • How i can withdraw
  • Explaine the parts of the trading view like
  • How can i create an order

How does it works to get rewards for your Video

  • Make the video
  • Send us the link so we can see what you have done
  • Give us 24 Hours to see the video
  • after we contact you send us the video so we can uplaod it to our youtube channel
  • of course, in the description we are using your affiliate link
  • you will get the reward after we upload an share your video in public

How much can you  earn

We reward your Video with 5.000 IMBA